Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Friday afternoon musing

If the majority of wine bloggers don't get paid, from where do they get the money to attend a convention; more important, why do they spend money on a convention?

Is anyone making money from the convention? If so, who and how much?

Is there a tangible award, like a plaque or medal. If so, who pays for it? If not, why not?

If no one makes money on the convention, and most who attend are not paid bloggers, and the annual conversation at each convention covers how to cash in on wine blogging, can someone please explain to me what's going on?


  1. Way to many questions Thomas. I thought Vinofictions was about giving answers....

    There is only one winner - the one who arrange the convention.

  2. Henrik,

    I've run out of answers. All I have left are questions, and wine in the cellar!

  3. Questions come in waves! We have lots as children. We have nothing but answers as teenagers and young adults.

    The 20s pass into the 30s and we suddenly realize not everything is going exactly as planned. The questions begin again, but we no longer have our parents to answer, "Because I said so!" (and believe them....)

  4. (And then Google won't let you finish your comment. Grrrrrrrrr!)

    Time marches on and the questions begin building much more rapidly than answers (if you get any at all)!

    Now there are only questions....
    (Choose the answers you like! Why not?!)

  5. Marcia,

    Google has all the answers...

  6. I have had these same questions after reading the rash of posts that appear on certain blogs after the annual Wine Bloggers Conference. I am left with the feeling that some people have way too much time on their hands - is that the answer?

  7. Vinogirl,

    It may be the answer to the questions but if it is, those spending all that wasted time aren't going to admit it.

    How in the world can the world support 1,000 wine blogs is a question that travels well beyond my comprehension. But having been in a former life a producer of industrial shows, I can attest to the vacuous nature of conventions that prey on the aspirations of others. Hell, I even gave speeches at these things once in a while ;)

  8. Ah yes..... paying to travel to an event where they will try to inculcate you with all you need to know to be a wine industry mouthpiece....

  9. Ironically...a large team of Googlers (actually from their Mountain View offices) headed up our way to give a presentation a week ago or so on their 'answers' (and they do have many!) on how to increase wine sales and solve the world's peace problems.

    (You'd think resolving the former would result in the latter -- always does for me -- but it doesn't seem to always translate that way.)

    As with Google, it always seems to be how you ask the question. Put the wrong words in the little white box and you won't like the answer either.

  10. I know exactly how to increase wines sales, but I won't tell anyone unless I get paid in advance.