Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging awards

It's that time of year for the annual blogger awards, when humility and insincerity clash to make bloggers seem both desperate and unusually ambitious.

In any case, I believe that vinofictions and Hosemaster of Wine should be nominated for our silence. By shutting up, we have done more for blogging--as well as for readers--than any blogger that I can name.

Since we each are silent, and since it is a desperate act to nominate one self, we ask that readers nominate us for our silence. If enough do, maybe we can put this annual freak show to bed!


  1. I would nominate you guys but I am really trying to stay away from the freak show of begging and chest thumping this year....

  2. I also hate begging and chest thumping - but I can be bought!


  3. Begging and chest thumping sounds so kinky.