Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just curious. Is anyone still on the notifitcation list for this blog? I am thinking I might restart the blog entries and would like to know whether not I need to find a new audience, as if as there was an old audience ...


  1. That makes one thus far.

    I'm merely thinking of restarting the blog. No decision yet. I'm surprised it's still available to me to make entries and for comments.

    What we post on the Internet will outlive each of us.

    Now that's a disturbing thought!

  2. I don't get notifications but if I go to my blog yours moved up so I came-a-runnin

  3. That makes two people.

    I don't think I will restart this thing. Blogs are dead anyway. All the actioon is on Assbook.

  4. Thomas,
    Facebook is not all the action packed these days either. And don't even get me started on the content that is there, and this is from someone that spends far too much time there.
    Blogs come and go....mostly go but some of us are still around just waiting for the bullshit to finish drying up before we jump back in. I've tried to distance myself from that inane chatter of wine blogging, which sort of sucks as it is one of my most beloved and passion inducing things, wine that is, but I can't stand so many of the wanks that troll wine blogs looking to argue or point out how you're wrong. I don't want to cater to, or be one of them.
    That said I'd love it if you wrote more!

  5. Sam:

    If I were to write any more than I already do, I'd have no time for food and sleep. Regular columns and books keep me active.

    Incidentally, I've never been and have no plans ever to be a FB member. I like neither the concept nor the company behind it.

  6. Regularly? Really?

    I've about decided I haven't the time to do this again. It was a fleeting desire, but now I know three people were reading--or wanted to read.

  7. Yes...just to make sure you're still alive!!!

  8. Couldn't you just post précis-ed versions of your Forbes stories?

  9. No, I can't. Not until a certain amount of time has passed. It's in the contract.

    I can post the same stuff, but it has to be re-written, which would of course defeat the purpose.

    If I'm not still aliove, who might be using my name to comment on your blog? A mystery for Inspector Morse.