Thursday, January 10, 2013

Have you cheated on your spouse?

Not that kind of cheating. I'm talking about a wine cheat.

For instance, let's say you made a New Year's resolution with your spouse or otherwise partner to limit your daily wine consumption to one bottle between the two of you. Have you ever found yourself taking an ever-so-tiny, nearly-impossible-to-see extra drop in your glass each time you pour for both of you?

Or, have you ever really cheated? I mean like having gone to the cellar to get a bottle for dinner, but you decided you'd like a glass while cooking. You bring up two bottles, concealing one under your sweater. In the kitchen you open one bottle, pour yourself a glass to cook by and stash the bottle somewhere so that you can do the same the following day. At dinner, you open the second bottle and you each have your share--perhaps you forgo that extra drop in your glass...

A relationship is all about trust, but let's face it: when it comes to a passion, an addiction maybe, trust isn't even a contender.

Come on, you tell me about your wine transgressions and I promise to consider telling you about mine.


  1. No need to cheat, I have the best Vino-husband. He will bring up a dozen bottles if that's what I need. Besides he always finishes the night off with a Calvados or Bourbon, so he doesn't need to be sneaky with the wine.

  2. OK. So you have a perfect marriage. Don't gloat.

    Of course, you don't fool me...

  3. I've never made one of those, "Lets drink less" deals, like ever. That being said, I have made a late night snack of aged cheddar, some nuts that I warmed up in olive oil and salt and poured myself the last glass of Sherry or Madeira, a big glass knowing that I could have made two shorter glasses and shared but instead did the whole, 'Oh sorry babe, this was the last of the bottle" thing....does that count?

  4. Sam,

    As long as you are aware that you are taking more than you should, it counts as cheating.

  5. Guilty...but I would let him spank me if that helps.

  6. Sam,

    That subject is for my other blog--you want the secret entry code???